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Specializing in custom regulations and restorations. Quality repairs and restoration of all acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, resonators, etc.. upright bass and much more.. All work guaranteed.We stand behind all of our repairs, if the claim is reasonable, for the life of the instrument.


• C F Martin and Co
• Oskar Graf Guitars

• Insurance appraisals
• Instrument dating and authentication

Repair Tour
& Seminars
Transcontinental repair tour every second year to Calgary, Kingston, ON, Montreal, Moncton, NB, Montague, PEI, Summerside, PEI, and Halifax, NS. Available for informative seminars and workshops.

$80 Fully Insured. $40 minimum charge on all jobs.There is a charge for all Repair Work & Appraisals. For 'No surprises' pricing, let us quote!

you will find the rates at Rufus' Island Guitar Shop very reasonable. They are subject to change depending on the individual job and particulars involved. Please call or email to make an appointment and then come in for a quote. All work guaranteed.

Restring and Tune  Steel 6 string $20 / 12 string $30  / Classical $25 - plus strings
Neck Adjustment / Set Intonation Electric - $40 and up / Acoustic - $40 and up / plus materials
Maintenance:  By quote only please
Full Set up $75 and up / add $20 for 12 string
Add Lock $40 and up
Fret Dressing  $100-$120
Partial Re-fret $150-$290
Complete Re-fret  $300-350 / Bound neck $350-$500 / White Neck $300-$350
Re-spray lacquered fingerboard Nitro cellulose $60 and up / Acrilic $100 and up
Custom colour match of lacquered fingerboard By quote only please
Plane and Set up Fretless Bass $200 and up
Custom Fitted Bone Nut $70 - 6 strings / $95 - 12 strings + materials
Custom Fitted Saddle $65 includes intonation / add $100 for recutting saddle slot.
Install Tuning Machines  $25 and up plus materials
Glue Cracked Headstock (with min. touch up) $150 and up
Neck Reset  $400 and up
Top, Rim and Back Cracks By quote only please
Re-glue loose Braces By quote only please
Re-glue lifting Bridge  Remove, Clean up and Reset - $125and up
Shave Acoustic Bridge  $100 and up
Make and Install new Acoustic Bridge $300 average
Replacing worn or damaged components  $50 and up
Retrofitting pickups By quote only please
Acoustic pickup installation By quote only please
Complete rewiring  By quote only please
Pickup rewinding  $100 and up
Trouble shooting $40 and up
Refinishing: By quote only please
Touchups By quote only please
Charges For 'No surprises' pricing, let us quote! We can be pretty sure it will fall within 10% or so. If we find something we didn't expect, we will call you for approval.
  Please note that labour and materials charges will apply for all work done up to any point.
  Deposits may be required on some large jobs.

Storage charges at $2.50 per day charged on instruments left over 30 days.

Scheduling: We do our best to get your instrument back by your expected date, performing musicians especially. However, delays do happen (even for us), so we cannot guarantee date. Please let us know if it is urgent. 
  We always call to let you know when work is complete.
Warning: Not responsible for defects in pick-ups or parts not purchased at Rufus'. Labour charge stands.
  $40 minimum charge on all jobs.
  All work guaranteed. We stand behind all of our repairs, if the claim and time frame are reasonable.
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